SO... What is A "psyborg"?

Get ready for a little history lesson.

Way back in the fall of 2015, David Hiatt had an idea: what if a cyborg had psychic powers? A simple question, but where could that musing take you? Well, it took Dave all the way to pitching a short film to Telus Storyhive, winning $10k to shoot a sci-fi/comedy in the vein of 90's kids shows like Power Rangers and VR Troopers (with a generous helping of G.I. Joe). Cut to March 2016, and Dave's team has expanded to a cast of actors including Patrick J. MacEachern, Troy Cooper, Allison Lynch, and Darryl M. Jordan, and a film crew consisting of fellow SAIT film school graduates like Kyle Robb, Braden Brickner, and Nick Haywood. The team took the short to the Plaza in Calgary, AB and hosted LIVEBORGS, a live celebration of the premiere of the short film with musical accompaniment, comedy, and a real-life T.O.X.I.N. takeover! The event was a success and so was the film, but that isn't the end of our little story...


In the spring of 2017, Storyhive announced a new initiative called "100K" where a handful of Alberta and British Columbia filmmakers can apply for up to $100000 in funding for their project. After hearing this news, Dave, Nick, and Braden had a brief chin-wag... and Beta Force Carbon was formed! The trio put together a package for a full web-series of adventures featuring the characters in the original short film and added a "The" to the title. Then they were awarded the funding! How about that?!

PB 103_Blight.jpg
PB 103_Bladecop.jpg

What is The PsyBorgs now?

The web-series was shot in December of 2017 and is now in its finishing stages. Below you can check out the first trailer, released in February of 2018.