Braden is a filmmaker from Whitehorse, Yukon and a graduate of SAIT’s Film and Video Production Program. In 2014, Braden adapted the world-famous poem by Robert W. Service, The Shooting of Dan McGrew, as a short film which has since screened throughout North America. Braden also co-produced the Telus-funded short film PsyBorgs and is currently co-producing The PsyBorgs.


As the Production Director at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, Nick has become a vital part of the independent film scene in Alberta and credits his position at CSIF and the close connections he’s made within the community for growing his passion for filmmaking, while creating many opportunities to build on his own cinematic career. In 2015 he produced the Telus Storyhive funded film; PsyBorgs, which in 2017 lead to the development of the 100K continuation of the same name, in which he co-stars and writes. 



David Hiatt is a Calgary-based movie-obsessed man-child. That obsession began when he was 8 years-old and saw a behind-the-scenes special on Fox Kids for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie (1995). He was fascinated by the processes that went in to making the film and decided his life would be spent doing what those incredible technicians did. As soon as he was legally able, he got a job at Famous Players just so he could save up for his first camcorder. He’s been making movies ever since.



Beta Force Carbon Ltd. is the 4:3 pan-and-scan brainchild of Braden Brickner, Nick Haywood, and David Hiatt.

One fateful evening, after indulging in copious amounts of Pizza Pops and Mark L. Lester films, Braden, Nick, and David decided they should boot up the SNES and get in another round of CONTRA before the sun rose again. Thunder crackled as the old sycamore tree outside David's bungalow was struck with lightning, bursting into flame. All three of the boys gasped. Then...

"The old gods hath spoken," said the three boys in unison as they each set down their bowls of fresh Reese Puffs. David's 27" CItizen television set hummed to life (it had only been on for 36 straight hours immediately before their impromptu Lester-thon) as an 8-bit bandanna'd skull gathered its pixels and made itself known to the three boys. "This is our sigil," said the three, again in an eerie, "how-are-they-doing-this?" type of way.

Ever since that evening, Braden, Nick, and David have been on a quest to make the raddest Canadian content this side of the Rockies. Their ultimate goal? To make movies that will knock your TMNT-themed socks off.